Welcome to Systester Instruments Co., Ltd

Welcome to Systester Instruments Co., Ltd, a globally-recognized provider of quality control solutions for different packaging materials and products.

Over the years, we have provided top-notch package testing equipment to various food & beverage producers, pharmaceutical companies, packaging manufacturers, and many other entities. All our products are made using a cutting-edge and patented technology that is bound to deliver the desired results with pinpoint accuracy.

Systester is a company that values innovation and all the people associated with it. Our products aim to improve the quality of packaging materials by identifying the flaws in a cost-effective manner. The auto tensile tester, air permeability tester, and the coefficient of friction tester are a few of the hot selling products of our company.

Both government and private organizations trust and use our permeation testers, packaging quality testers, and packaging testing and services. Apart from offering quality testing products, we also provide courteous customer support to our clients.

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SYSTESTER is a leading name and well-known name and professional provider of integrated package testing solutions and instruments of food and pharmaceutical industries dedicate to cutting-edge technology research and development centres.

With over 20 years of experience, Systester knows precisely what our clients need. You can contact us today to know more about us and the products offered by us. Our products are preferred by many leading government and private enterprises because we offer:

  • Supreme quality products at fair prices
  • 24*7 customer support
  • A wide range of packaging testing equipment to meet different needs
  • High-end products made using patented technology and much more

As an ever-growing global company, we focus on constantly improving our products and services so that we can serve our clients better with every passing day.
If you wish to talk to us regarding our products, then you can contact us online or call us directly at

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